Unnat Academy of Human Excellence

It is the training centre of Education Wing of Unnat. Learning is a continuous process; therefore, it is a lifelong process. Learning is not confined to schools or college campus alone; rather awareness about the world beyond school/college/office/home is very important to achieve success in one’s life. These workshops are meant for students, youth, adults and professionals. They touch different facets of personal & professional life. The duration & contents can be changed to suit the requirement of organisations.

School Workshops :
Education being the focus of Unnat, it has successfully developed some programmes which are useful for students, teachers and parents. These programmes teach essential study/teaching methods and impart relaxation training to participants. We provide career counseling/general counseling to students also.
Name of Workshop Contents Notes
Smart Student Mind management (setting of study goals), Time Management, Study Management and Stress Management Nine hours spread over three days
Apex Teachers The Teacher and the Taught, Educational Psychology, Indian Philosophy of Education, Child Psychology, Learning Process, Stress Management and Art of Happy Living One to Three days, eight hours (including lunch time) every day. Three progressive themes; Day of Orientation, Day of Contemplation and Day of Creation
Smart Parenting

Child Psychology, Adolescent Age, Helping Children Study Well, Time & Stress Management, School Home Partnership

One day (eight hours,               including lunch time) eight hours (including lunch time) every day.

General Development Programme :

Life is a struggle all the way! However, with the development of Positive Attitude, you can have peace of mind, improved health and a never ceasing flow of energy. That state of mind always brings success in all our endeavors. We have developed many programmes to suit these needs of today’s youth as well as adult so that; they can lead a successful life.
Name of Workshop Contents Notes
Smart Student What is personality? Positive Thought Process, Goal Setting, Interpersonal Relations, Problem Solving and Stress Management Six days or12 hours lecture programmes spread over six days
Grow up Gracefully Gives deeper understanding of Adolescent Age 12 hours spread over three days
Be a Winner!

Making self-discovery and objective analysis to yield better position

One day
Social Grooming About learning manners & etiquettes One day
Interview Techniques Recruitment Process, Dress Code, Punctuality, Body Language, Self-Confidence and Group Discussion One Day
Resume Writing Resume Preparation Three Hours
Art of Happy Living Brings harmony with life and Nature 14 hours spread over six days or three full days

Corporate Training Programme :

With a view to spread the awareness about human excellence in Corporate World, we have started many corporate training programmes.  
Name of Workshop Contents Notes
Positive Health Covers health of Body-Mind and Spirit. Three days
Communication Skills Acquaints and trains people in improvement of various personal and inter-personal communication skills Two days
Leadership Training Teaches to achieve success under trying time like true leaders One day
Selling Skills Effective selling techniques Two days
Management by Values & Ethics Teaches Karma Yoga and Organizational Excellence One day
Time Management Effective methods of managing the time One day
Stress management Stress management techniques including Pranayam & Meditation One day
Smart Police Trains police personnel in matters of health, public relations and  effective professional life Three days
Hospital Waste Management Managing the bio-medical waste effectively One day
Infection Control Control of hospital acquired infection and study of universal precautions One day
Children Empowerment
Disaster Management Preparedness
Educational Initiatives
Health & Hygiene Activities
Research & Advocacy
Women Empowerment Programme
Youth Development Activities
Unnat Academy of Human Excellence
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